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The name Sudderth is most likely derived from "Sod-Earth", or "Sud-Earth", meaning wet land, sod land or pasture land.   After the family arrived in America in the early 1700's the spelling had adopted an 'E', an 'O' or an 'A' and added an additional 'D'.  Regardless of the spelling, the name originated in Ireland and although different branches of the family adopted different spellings, it is widely accepted that we are all descended from one common ancestry and are all relatives.
A well founded tradition tells us that brothers James and William Suddarth came to America around 1720 from Scotland having been born of a Scottish mother and an Irish father.  They settled in Albemarle County Virginia and thus the family spread across America.
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 A Tale of Abraham Sudderth
 The history of David Gilbert Sudderth

 John Wesley Sudderth   A history as remembered by Mildred (Stone) Sudderth

    Dave & Martha Sudderth (click on the photo to enlarge)

    Dave & Martha with their children (click on the photo to enlarge)

    Dave & Martha with their children and grand children (click on the photo to enlarge)

    In memory of Jeffrey Paul Sudderth, July 16, 1974 - September 11, 2006.
Son of Timothy James Sudderth
Great, Great Grandson of Dave & Martha Sudderth

    One version of the Sudderth Herald of Scottish descent


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